Hypertension Course

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This course covers topics related to Hypertension. You may wish to do all the modules within this course in one sitting, or you may do only part and return later. The system will save your progress and return you to your spot the next time you login.

Hypertension Modules

Blood pressure is one of the most important screenings because high blood pressure usually has no symptoms so it can’t be detected without being measured. High blood pressure greatly increases your risk of heart disease and stroke. It is important to know your numbers because high blood pressure greatly increases your risk of heart disease or stroke. In this module, you will learn about hypertension, readings, causes, ways to lower it and how to set a SMART goal.

As part two of Understanding Hypertension, we will review the importance of healthier eating choices. We will also review how setting SMART goals help us tackle health conditions in a manageable way.

As the final part of Understanding Hypertension, we will focus on sodium and nutrition labels. Monitoring sodium in the foods we consume is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

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